Friday, January 17, 2003

Fifth Caltrain Death in January

On Friday evening, as I was riding the southbound 84 Caltrain home from work, Jason Freitas, 32, of South San Francisco, dove in front of the train 300 yards north of the San Bruno station, killing himself. This was the fifth suicide in this month. The "The train engineer involved had only recently returned to
work after having being involuntarily involved in another suicide earlier this month" according to Bay Area Transportation News. Additional details of the incident are available at here (warning: graphic description) and here.

My heart goes out to the Caltrain employees on the train that night, especially the engineer. I could hear the horror in his voice as he announced that we had hit a person who had "dove in front of the train." All of the employees behaved very professionally and were constantly in communication with the passengers during the incident.

Note: the victim' name and description are from the an article in the Monday, January 20th edition of the Burlingame Daily News. The Burlingame Daily News does not publish its content on the web.

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